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Analyze to Advocate: The Impact of Aviation Maintenance

An Industry Taking Off

As documented by various economic analyses performed for the Aeronautical Repair Station Association, the aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) industry is an important contributor to the global economy and to the economies of all 50 states.

Visit ARSA’s economic data center for more information or click below to access content from the 2019 Global Fleet & MRO Market Economic Assessment prepared by Oliver Wyman.

2019 Global Fleet & MRO MarketAssessment
by Oliver Wyman CAVOK

Executive Summary: 2019 Global Fleet & MRO Market Assessment
U.S. state by state overview of the 2019 industry employment and economic impact

A Workforce Flying Into Headwinds

n the face of expanding global markets and increased demand for a highly skilled, government-certificated labor force, business must overcome the looming retirements of more experienced employees, skill gaps, regulatory limitations on training programs and – most importantly – data sources that are inadequately designed for defining the problem. 

Click the image below to download a copy of Policy Solutions for a Stronger Technical Workforce, a 2014 report on the aviation maintenance workforce by researchers at the College of William and Mary.


Click the image to access the report.


Aviation Maintenance Industry – Business Outlook
The 2017 ARSA member survey asked respondents to consider a variety of business issues. As they have been for several years, respondents were optimistic – the majority predict both market and workforce expansion, but recognize challenges finding technical workers.

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Business/Workforce Outlook U.S. Employment by State U.S. Economic Impact by State
ARSA-OutlookInfoGraphic-20170413 ARSA-EmploymentGraphic-20170413 ARSA-ImpactGraphic-20170413